A Music Video About Caveman Who Dreams of Modern Times 

A music video about a caveman music song dreams of modern times premiered on HollywoodLife recently, and the clip features a black-and-white scene featuring Matthew Iwanusa, a pianist, and a masked figure. The video is filled with ethereal synths and crashing drums, and Matthew’s haunting voice. 

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CoCo Beware 

The CoCo Beware music video is a mellow folk-rock tune about a caveman who dreams of modern times. It was recorded by NYC’s five-piece Caveman and released on their debut album, CoCo Beware. The album featured crystalline guitar lines and four-part harmonies. The resulting album was a self-released gem that received a re-release on Fat Possum. The music is best suited for the post-Animal Collective era. 

Vanilla Twilight 

Owl City released the music video for “Vanilla Twilight” on March 22, 2010, after their success with “Fireflies.” The video features Shaquille O’Neal and was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and at Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio. 

Simple Creatures 

Simple Creatures, the project of former Blink-182 members Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus, has come up with a new music video about a caveman who dreams of modern times. The video features an animated caveman dreaming of modern life, as the lyrics tell the story of his evolution. The band’s song “The Caveman Who Dreams of Modern Times” has received praise from critics and fans alike. The music video is a great addition to the band’s already extensive catalog. 

Nicolas Cage as a caveman 

Nicolas Cage is the star of “The Croods” a computer-animated adventure comedy film. It was directed by Chris Sanders and produced by DreamWorks Animation. The film is about a group of prehistoric creatures who have been displaced from their homeland by a band of modern dinosaurs. The movie revolves around Grug Crood, a prehistoric caveman who has the job of “Leader of the Hunt.” In the movie, the cavemen are forced to trek through an exotic and dangerous land to find a new home. 

Otero War 

“Otero War” is the third single from Caveman’s forthcoming album, due out June 17. The music video for the title track features a caveman in space and on an alien planet. It’s the first taste of the album, which features rap collaborations with Joey Bada$$, G Hebron, and Cameron. It also features art direction from Marc Ericksen, known for his work with 80s video games. 


In this film, a caveman is resurrected after being frozen in ice. A modern anthropologist and his married research assistant try to get close to this prehistoric man, but the iceman is too large to be rescued and is instead imprisoned in a zoo-like environment. The anthropologist’s best friend plots to rescue him and set him free.