Caveman Colorado Music Festival Summer 2024

In a time when COVID pandemics raging across the globe are a matter of public record and the anti-vaxers are winning the battle, Afghanistan is in ruins and America is embroiled in its longest war, the question becomes: is the Caveman Music Festival worth attending? The band’s early albums mingled haunt and uplift with optimism, and their most recent album Smash continues this theme with a raw and intimate sound. 

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Otero War (QRO review) 

In this year’s debut edition of the Caveman music festival, we had a chat with guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti to learn about the band’s recent tour dates and upcoming shows in Mexico. We discussed the band’s impressive music videos, being the first rock band on a rap label, and working with friends and family. We learned a lot, but it was hard to leave the festival in one piece. 

Caveman’s music lacks nuance 

Although Caveman’s sound has a few new-wave touches, their self-titled sophomore effort is ultimately a far cry from the psychedelic rock of their predecessors. While their sound lacks the overt grabbiness of their debut, the atmospheric warmth of their second album compensates for this. The band masters the slow burn and subtle build. The album is moody and expansive, slowly unveiling the depth of its emotions. 

The festival lacks nuance 

The Caveman Music Festival is a three-day celebration of Americana music. The music genre is a synthesis of American traditions, originating in the South, including folk, blues, rock, and roll. While the name of the festival may be misleading, it does represent a unified voice, with bands and musicians aiming to capture the essence of Americana music. This year’s lineup features a variety of performers, including bluegrass and traditional country music. 

Is it worth it? 

For fans of New York indie rock, the Caveman music festival is a must-see. With the release of their latest album, Smash, Caveman has gone from indie rock band to something bigger. The elated music festival has sold out every year since it was launched, and the lineup includes a variety of great artists. If you’re not sure whether or not the Caveman music festival is worth your time, consider these reasons why it’s worth attending: 

Is it more work than Seven Peaks? 

When it comes to rap, is Caveman Music Festival worth it? This South Manchester MC has a style that’s both extroverted and recognizable. He’s released music with NoSpaceMCR and has been a guest on BBC Radio Manchester. Caveman also hosts his own upcoming concert on July 15 in New York City. Read on for some reasons you should check out the Caveman Music Festival this year.