How Will I Assure The Tickets That I Bought Are Legit? 

If you’re looking to buy tickets online, there are several ways to make sure that they’re legit. The first is to be aware of the methods used by fraudulent sellers. Many of these methods involve using bogus Facebook profiles. Once you notice a Facebook profile that’s too good to be true, you should be wary. 

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“If you’re in doubt about a ticket, check the Ticketmaster confirmation email. You’ll see the “100 percent verified” guarantee. This means that your tickets are not counterfeit,” says Ticketmaster. The company also makes it easy to transfer tickets. But be careful: scammers sometimes change the seats on your ticket, or change the dates and times to get a higher price. It is important to keep your receipt and credit card details safe. 


There are a few ways to make sure that the tickets you’re buying are authentic. First of all, make sure that the page or post that you’re buying from has a verified status. You can do this by checking out the comments section of the post. This will show you whether or not the seller has been reported by other fans. Similarly, if the page or post is selling tickets for a concert, make sure that the venue has verified that the tickets are authentic. 

Official sites 

There are ways to ensure the tickets you bought are authentic. The first step is to check the ticket vendor. Some brokers try to sell tickets that are invalid. While this is not illegal, it tarnishes their reputation and can cost them money. If you purchase tickets from such brokers, you will not receive payment and may end up paying more than the original price. 

Street vendors 

When you buy a ticket to a street vendor event, you want to make sure it’s legit. Luckily, there are many ways to check for legitimacy. For one thing, many events hold a lottery for booth locations. Once the names are released, you’ll want to check your location as soon as possible. 

Typographical errors 

If you have ever received a ticket with a typographical error, you are probably aware of the inconvenience and embarrassment that such a mistake can cause. But, did you know that typographical errors in tickets are not grounds for invalidating them? San Bernardino County and Kings County do not invalidate tickets because of typographical errors. While mistakes in tickets are not as common in Central and Southern California, mistakes do occur, and sometimes officers or court clerks copy incorrect information onto tickets. 

Ticketmaster’s reputation 

Ticketmaster has been plagued with a reputation of inefficiency and poor customer service. Last year, the company was hit with a class-action lawsuit over deceptive ticketing practices and fined $4.5 million in Canada. The company has also been accused of selling hundreds of invalid tickets on the secondary market. Despite the company’s poor reputation, the company has made efforts to improve customer experience.