How to Wash Your Face at a Music Festival Camping? 

When you go camping for a music festival, it’s important to pack as natural and clean as possible. The same is true of your makeup. You should avoid using products with sulfates and parabens, which are harmful to wildlife. You should also avoid microbeads and tiny plastic spheres that can harm other creatures at the festival. And if you do plan on using makeup, you should buy a serious sun-protection system. It’s a good idea to carry portable and universal products, such as wipes and lip balm. 

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Face wipes 

Luckily, there are many options for face wipes that are safe and effective for camping, music festivals, and other outdoor gatherings. These wipes are easy to use and come in various scents that are pleasant to the senses. Lavender wipes are a great option for festivals because they contain a gentle lavender scent and are safe for sensitive skin. Lavender wipes also come in a variety of sizes. 

Sun cream and wipes are essential for festival-goers but don’t forget to bring along a face wipe as well. Festival-goers can get a little wild and overdressed, so it’s best to bring a few extras to keep your skin fresh. Also, you’ll need some toilet rolls and tissues, which will last longer in your bag. And don’t forget baby wipes for cleaning your hair or body. 

Lip balm 

You might be surprised to know that you can use lip balm to wash your face at music festivals! Despite the name, this simple trick is a lifesaver! It’s a very cheap way to hydrate your skin and keep it looking its best! In addition to lip balm, it has many other useful uses, including preventing dry patches and protecting your cuticles from damage. And because it’s conical in shape, it’s also effective in moisturizing your hands, cuticles, and face! It can even be used to treat blisters, which are an annoying aspect of a music festival! 

You might even be able to save your skin by bringing biodegradable glitter. These glitters are much better for the environment than regular ones. But make sure you bring a moisturizer as well. You’ll experience a range of different weather conditions at a music festival, so bring along lip balm as well. You’ll feel great when you’re back home! 

Water-resistant sunscreen 

When attending a music festival, water is one of the biggest issues. Wear waterproof shoes, flip-flops, or other footwear with 360-degree toe-to-heel protection. Choose brands like Chacos or Tevas for maximum protection. Keep your money, ID, and cell phone in a waterproof container. Bring extra batteries and a waterproof phone case. Ample amounts of water-resistant sunscreen are essential for festival-goers. 

Apply a high-SPF sunscreen before setting out on your trip. Reapply if necessary. Sunscreen for sensitive skin is essential as well, as is lip balm to prevent chapped lips. A wide-brim hat is a great way to shade your head and shoulders. Try a bucket hat or a Boonie hat. A floppy felt hat works great too! 

Portable toilet urine bottle 

If you’ve been to a music festival, you know that there are thousands of people – and a lack of facilities can be embarrassing. It’s not just women who need to use a portable toilet, though. If you’re a male who has difficulty self-care, the Freshette urinal is the perfect solution. It measures six inches by one and a half inches and is roughly the size of your hand. It comes with a custom travel pouch and an extension tube of 5 inches. It’s sold at REI and has been used by expeditions to the Antarctic. 

A portable toilet urine bottle has a strong seal and can be cut to a length that’s comfortable for you. This type of toilet is perfect for travel and is also ideal for bedridden people. This device is leak-proof and has an enlarged funnel that can accommodate men and women. It’s also portable, discreet, and hygienic. And if you’re worried about the plastic hose, it’s easy to clean.