How to Wash Dishes When Camping? 

Whether you are a backcountry scout or simply a camper, you will probably need to wash dishes at some point. The good news is that there are many ways to wash dishes while camping. Using the right method will help you clean your dishes without causing a lot of damage to the environment. 

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The first step is to fill a large pot with water and add biodegradable camping soap. If the campsite you are at does not have a sink, you can use a camp stove or a fire to heat the water. Once it is hot, you can add a few drops of biodegradable soap to the water. The hot water will clean your dishes better and will kill off any harmful bacteria that could be on your plates. 

Next, you need to scrape any food that is stuck on the dishes. This will not only make your dishwashing task easier but will help you avoid scrubbing. The scrubbing part of washing dishes is a bit tricky without the right kitchen tools. For this, you can use a scouring pad or a sponge. 

After you’ve finished scrubbing the dishes, it’s time to rinse the dishes. To do this, you can use the camp sink or a small bucket with a spout. You should run the dirty water through a strainer to remove any soap particles. Once the water is clear, you can rinse the dishes. You can also use a mesh bag hung from a tree limb to dry the dishes. 

One of the best methods for washing dishes is to use a camp sink. These are convenient for rinsing dishes and they drain into buckets. You can also use a small plastic tub for storage. These containers also make a great drying rack. If the weather is threatening, you can use a fast-drying towel to dry your dishes. 

A second method for washing dishes is hot water wash. The hot water wash is simple to do. Fill your largest pot with water and add soap. Bring the water to a boil. You can also mix the soap with rainwater, stream water, or tap water. You can use this method when you are camping in a rainy area. The soap will disperse in the water and will help to clean your dishes in a hurry. 

A third way to wash dishes is to use a spray. This method requires you to place your dish rack in an enclosed area and spray the dishes. This method will conserve water and make the task quicker and easier. You should also try rinsing the dishes in a basin filled with tepid water because warm water speeds up the process. 

The spray method is also a good way to get rid of mold. After a few minutes, apply some lemon juice or citric acid. This will remove the soapy taste and kill any remaining bacteria. The citric acid can be a bit harsh on the environment, though.