How to Stay Warm in a Car? 

When you are planning on going on a road trip during the cold season, it is important to learn how to stay warm in a car. Whether you are traveling across the country or just to the other side of town, you will need to be prepared. In addition to getting extra layers, you need to also make sure you pack the right items. For example, you may need a sleeping bag rated for temperatures below freezing. 

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One of the most obvious ways to keep yourself warm is to use hand warmers. These small packets are perfect for keeping your hands and fingers warm. While they won’t heat the entire vehicle, they can provide some much-needed warmth during cold weather trips. To be on the safe side, you should always keep at least one pack in your car. 

Other ways to remain warm in your vehicle include using a space blanket. These devices are designed to hold heat inside the vehicle and they’re also lightweight. You can easily wrap them around the car. 

Another good way to remain warm in your vehicle is to use a reflective roll. This is a type of material that is available at most hardware stores. It can be wrapped on the windows of the car, the front windshield, or both. Although these items may not be aesthetically pleasing, they are a great way to keep your interior warmer. 

When you are planning a road trip during the winter months, you may want to think about purchasing a carbon monoxide detector. This small device is easy to install and will protect you from a potentially deadly poison. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide is odorless and can be deadly if it enters your lungs. The battery-operated device should last at least one year and comes with a warranty. 

If you have the extra cash, you may want to invest in a small portable heater. There are several options, including the electric model. Keeping the windows open will allow more air to circulate in the vehicle. 

Sleeping in a vehicle during the cold weather can be fun, but it can be challenging to remain warm. One of the best strategies is to get into the habit of making sure you have a nice layer of clothing on when you are ready to sleep. Layers can include the basics, such as a sleeping bag and a blanket, and then you can build on top of that with a sweater, fleece jacket, or hat. A thick pair of boots can be a great asset. Wearing wool socks will help keep your toes warm, and prevent them from frostbite. 

Finally, there are several other tricks you can perform to stay warm in a car. For instance, you can try to fold your back seat to keep more heat in. Or, you can purchase a cheap insulation sheet that you can put underneath your mattress. 

Getting a decent sleeping bag is a smart move if you plan on camping in your vehicle. These can be as warm as two sleeping pads, and they offer a cushion for your body.