How to Start a Book Festival in Colorado?

In Colorado, the first book festival was held at the Boulder Public Library. It was the first of its kind in the U.S., and it was a daylong event that featured authors from all over the state. The festival also included literacy and writing programs. For more information on how to start a book festival in Colorado, check out the Rocky Mountain Literary Festival. 


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Rocky Mountain Literary Festival 

The Rocky Mountain Literary Festival is a gathering of readers and authors who celebrate the importance of literature. It was founded by a group of local residents to promote the value of literature in our society. It also helps to provide scholarships to high school students. Authors will be able to read their books during the festival, which is held each year at the Mount Vernon Canyon Club. A light breakfast and lunch will be served, as well. 

The festival’s second edition will build upon the success of its inaugural event, bringing award-winning authors from a range of genres. Headliners at the 2018 event include Dan Hampton, a New York Times bestseller, and Manuel Ramos, a Colorado Book Award-winning Chicano crime fiction author. The festival will be moderated by Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Greg Dobbs. 

Boulder Public Library was first U.S. location to host a book festival 

The Boulder Idea Festival, a one-day event featuring seven panel discussions and interviews in three venues around the Boulder Public Library, is a celebration of the art of reading, writing, and creative thinking. The event appeals to people who enjoy deep thought, critical commentary on contemporary issues, and fiction and poetry. 

The Boulder Public Library was an early contender for the event when Jaipur Literature Festival organizers visited the city to tour its facility. With a 92,000-square-foot facility in the heart of downtown Boulder, the library was well-positioned to host the festival. It also had the support of the city’s mayor. 

Cancelling a book festival in Colorado 

If you’re planning on attending a book festival in Colorado this year, you should know that there’s a possibility of cancellation. The Tucson International Book Festival has been postponed twice in the past year because of a pandemic in Arizona. And the festival’s executive director has denied any responsibility for the cancellation. He says the mistake was a result of a cut-and-paste error. He says the festival’s middle-grade audience made a mistake. 

Fortunately, the Tucson Book Festival is back this year. This festival features non-fiction and fiction authors, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. It also includes literary salons, agent meetings, and book signings. It is free to attend and offers volunteering opportunities for writers.