How to Sneak Out Alcohol in a Music Festival?

How to sneak out alcohol in a music festival is something that most attendees plan ahead of time. This is because security can catch on to many of these techniques. Fortunately, there are new ways to sneak alcohol in and out of the festival. In this article, we’ll look at the Disguised Umbrella Flask, Bottle Safe, Tampon Wrapper, and Shot Tube. While these methods have been proven to work, you should still exercise caution and follow the rules. 


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Disguised Umbrella Flask 

If you are attending a music festival and want to sneak alcohol onto the festival grounds, then a disguised umbrella flask may be the perfect solution. These little gadgets are small, concealable, and come in handy while enjoying the festival atmosphere. They can be carried in a handbag or hidden inside a wine bottle. They also have a screw-on lid so that they can be smuggled into places. 

Shot Tube 

If you’re a festival goer, you can sneak out alcohol without being noticed. You can use a Shot Tube or Tampon Wrapper. The booze-filled tube is easy to conceal and acts as a small bottle for one person. After you get through, you can slip the tube into your pocket or backpack and continue to enjoy the festival. If you’re worried that spotting your bottle will give you a big headache, here are a few tips to make it easier. 

Tampon Wrapper 

Getting drunk at a music festival isn’t always easy, so there are some ways to sneak alcohol into the area without being caught. One popular trick involves concealing alcohol in a Tampon Wrapper. A Tampon Wrapper can be filled with your favorite liquor. Another clever way is to hide it inside a lotion bottle or shampoo bottle. While these are illegal, they can be used to sneak alcohol into a music festival. 

Bottle Safe 

If you have a need for booze while attending a music festival, you may want to learn how to sneak out alcohol in a bottle safe. One way to do this is to conceal your liquor inside an empty bottle. Empty water bottles can be used as safes, as many festivals allow only empty bottles. However, your booze won’t feel like it’s empty and security won’t notice if you put it in an empty water bottle. Another way to sneak alcohol out of the festival is to purchase a bra that has a built-in holder for alcohol. A bra such as a WineRack can be a great option because it’s not likely to be noticed by security, even though they’re not a legal bottle to carry. 

Alcoholic sweets 

Bringing your own alcoholic sweets is not a bad idea when going to a music festival. You can use a syringe to inject your sweets with alcohol. This can be a great way to get your festival drink on without being noticed by other people. However, before you attempt this, make sure that your life is going well. If it’s your first time attending a music festival, make sure you check whether bringing fruit to the festival is allowed before you try this strategy. 

Code words to use 

A good way to sneak alcohol out of a music festival is to conceal the container with a bottle shaped like a baby. The key is to avoid being detected by security, but this can be challenging if you’re in a crowd of thousands. Luckily, there are several code words you can use to get alcohol into your container without being detected. The words below will help you get your drink. 

Bringing your own alcohol into a music festival 

Bringing your own alcohol into a music festivals is illegal. But there are ways to sneak a few drinks past the security. For instance, you can bring gummy bears and vodka, which can be mixed to create an alcoholic candy. All you have to do is put them in a glass container, one equal part vodka to one half gummy bear. You can store these alcoholic drinks in the fridge for up to three days.