How to Put Glitter on Guys Music Festival? 

Trying to find out how to put glitter on guys’ music festivals? It’s easier than you think. Sticky tape will help you remove any glitter residue. You can also use petroleum jelly or Hand sanitizer. Perricone MD moisturizing treatment can also help. Once you’ve finished putting glitter on your friends and yourself, you can try these tips to maintain your appearance. Hopefully, these tips will make your next music festival experience a success. 


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Sticky tape removes glitter residue 

For those guys who’ve sat through a glitzy music festival, the sticky tape may be the perfect solution. It can be used to gently remove stubborn glitter residues from m skin. Although it’s not the healthiest option, it will save your appearance from a day of glitter. To use sticky tape, simply press the sticky side of the tape onto your face. You can remove the tape once it has dried completely. 

Hand sanitizer 

If you’re wondering “how to put glitter on guys?” there are a few ways to prevent the unintended entanglement of glitter and your guy. Sticky tape, for one thing, is a great way to prevent any excess from getting on your man. You can simply apply some to the area you want to cover and then gently rub the sticky tape over the glitter to remove it. Although the sticky tape isn’t very nice for the skin, it does save your appearance from the glitter. 

Petroleum jelly 

Besides rubbing on some Vaseline, you can use chunky festival glitter to make yourself look even more festive! Vaseline will help the glitter adhere to your skin and spread evenly. Make sure to apply it well before the glitter dries completely. Mix some firm hairspray with chunky festival glitter to apply it to your face. Dip a spoolie brush into the mixture and comb the glitter in. 

Once you have your face primed with makeup, apply some petroleum jelly. You can use it as a base as well, but the best way is to apply it right before applying your makeup. Doing so will reduce the chances of rubbing off the glitter or making it come off. Next, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the eyelids and lips. If you are applying it to your lips, you can use a Q-tip or a makeup brush to apply it. Use a wing-tip or cat-eye style to create a dramatic effect. Apply an eyelash adhesive to your upper lash line, but not the waterline. 

Perricone MD moisturizing treatment 

The Perricone MD Hydrating Gel is a light, rich lotion that works to strengthen the skin barrier. It contains four different forms of hyaluronic acid and two natural building blocks with different weights that target different skin levels. These ingredients are perfect for guys’ music festivals, and they’ll keep your skin radiant for the whole weekend. Perricone MD does not test on animals, so you can feel confident using this product. 

The CBx for Men line is infused with phytocannabinoids, the potent antioxidants found in the hemp plant. This powerful botanical ingredient soothes oily skin, while also addressing many other skin concerns. The collection comes in a woodsy green scent with a hint of fresh hemp. Whether you’re a seasoned rocker or just an occasional music festival goer, the CBx for Men range is a must-have for guys.