How to Make a Shower for Camping? 

Whether you’re camping with your family or on a trip by yourself, a camping shower can help you stay clean and fresh. Not only can you clean yourself, but you can also wash off your dirty shoes and utensils. Whether you are at the beach, in the woods, or even on an off-grid homestead, a camping shower can help keep your gear clean and smelling fresh. 

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While there are plenty of camp showers on the market, you can also make your own. A simple, inexpensive system can be built out of a garden sprayer and a hose and will make you and your family clean and refreshed in no time. While these items may not be as luxurious as their commercial counterparts, they are more than adequate for the average camping trip. 

You can even make a fold-out shower if you’re going on a long road trip or camping in a remote location. In addition to a folding shower, you’ll also want to bring along a privacy tent or curtain. This will help keep you and your family dry and fresh in the event of a torrential rainstorm. 

The spigot should be inserted into the front face of the end cap. This will create an airtight seal. It will also make the piece much smaller. You should be able to hang the hose from a tree or other sturdy branch. 

The bead of silicone should be placed on the threads of the spigot, and the spigot should be attached to the end cap in such a way that it can’t come off. You’ll want to use a flat O-ring instead of a round one. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to cure the silicone according to the directions on the package. 

The best part is you don’t have to haul around a big tank of water. A ten-gallon water jug can be filled up by gravity or you can buy one at a service station. You can also use black duct tape to heat the water in the jug in the sun. 

While you’re at it, you might as well use a shower mat to keep the ground from getting slippery. A camping shower can be quite useful, but you should be careful to use freshwater only and to dispose of any single-use items responsibly. Also, some campgrounds have rules regarding the proper disposal of water runoff. You should also consider a drain capture floor. 

Taking a shower is part of the fun of camping, but it’s important to be well-groomed to avoid germs and mildew. If you plan to shower in the woods, you might also consider bringing along a pop-up privacy tent or curtain. While this may not be the most practical idea, it’s the smallest amount of effort you can do to protect your body from bacterial infections. 

The ten-gallon water jug is the perfect size for cleaning yourself and your gear, but it isn’t the only way to do it. If you want a really useful shower, you might want to try the fold-out camping shower, which is a very inexpensive and easy way to do it.