How to Make a Generator Quiet For Camping? 

Whether you are camping out or you have an RV, you might wonder how to make a generator quiet. There are several ways you can get the job done. For instance, the first tip is to move the generator away from you. This way, you won’t disturb the neighbors or your wildlife. You can also use long extension cords to quiet the generator. Alternatively, you can try to build a soundproof box to cover up your generator. However, this is no small feat. It may also require some tweaking to get the job done. 

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To find out how to make a generator quiet, you need to look around and take a look at what is nearby. For instance, your neighbors might be using their generators as well. Depending on the size of the campground, you might be better off finding a place for yours to go. 

One of the best ways to reduce the noise of your generator is to position it on a damp surface. If you don’t have access to a damp area, you can make use of a soft surface, such as grass. Of course, you should not place your generator on hard ground. Softer surfaces are more forgiving and are usually easier to find when you are on the go. Likewise, you can use blankets to absorb the sound. Be sure to choose a good one, though, and don’t place it too close to the generator itself. 

A soundproof box is a great option and is easy to make. For example, you can use an old piece of plywood or a brick. Make sure to include a top handle. Another idea is to install a hose. You can fill a bucket with water and attach it to the exhaust pipe to muffle the noise. 

Several other techniques can be used to make your camper or RV a more pleasant place to be. You can try out a few of these tips, but you might need to test them out before you decide to implement them. For instance, a noisy generator is a sign that you are overheating, and you might want to look into alternative power sources. 

The old fashioned camping cot can be a more comfortable sleeping surface than the hard ground. On the other hand, if you are traveling to a remote location, you might want to think about the length of your extension cords. There are also several other ways to make your campsite or RV more soundproof, including installing soundproof partitions and using an acoustic enclosure. 

If you are not quite ready to enclose your generator, you can try to find a quiet spot by adjusting the height of the exhaust pipe. Ideally, you should position it above your tent. But if this isn’t possible, you can just aim it toward the side of the trailer. 

Other things to do to make a generator quiet include padding and paddling. Padding can be an effective noise dampener, but be careful to avoid hitting the sides of the generator. Similarly, you can use an anti-vibration mat, which will prevent the squeaking sounds from being amplified by the vibrations of the engine.