Caveman Colorado Music Festival Summer 2024

If you’re planning on going to a music festival this summer, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to how you dress. These tips will help you look your best while still being comfortable enough to enjoy the festivities. Contact us to learn more about music festivals 2024 colorado

caveman music festival

1. Comfortable Clothes 

You don’t want to get so hot you can’t move or feel like your sweat dripping off of you. Depending on the festival, you’ll probably be standing around a lot so it’s important to dress in layers. This can be anything from a short-sleeved T-shirt to a long-sleeved shirt. 

2. Sun Protection 

If you don’t slather on SPF, it’s easy to burn at a music festival. Unless there are trees and shaded areas, you’ll be surrounded by the sun for most of your time. Bringing along a large-brimmed floppy sunhat can make sure you stay cool while you’re enjoying the music. 

3. Sunglasses 

Invest in good, sturdy sunglasses that will be able to handle the heat of the festival and keep your eyes protected. Having sunglasses on hand will also protect your ears and neck from the sun’s harmful rays. 

4. Boots 

If it’s raining or very hot at the festival, you’ll definitely need boots to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. Boots are also a stylish option to wear at the festival, especially if they have a lace-up style. If you choose boots, be sure to wear them a few times before the festival so that they’re broken in. 

5. Shoes with Insoles 

You’ll be walking a lot at the festival so you may want to bring a pair of shoes with insoles. This is a great way to avoid painful blisters on your feet. 

6. A Hat 

Whether you’re a lifeguard or just a fan of the sun, a hat will protect your head from the harsh rays of the sun. The hat will also keep your head warm if you’re sitting in the sun for long periods of time. 

7. Food and Drinks 

There are several different types of food available at a music festival, including pizza, hamburgers, tacos, and ice cream. Depending on the festival, you might be able to get food at different times of the day, so it’s best to pack snacks and drinks so you can have something to eat when you need them. 

8. A Backpack or Bag 

Finally, a backpack or bag is a must-have item for any music festival. It will be handy to carry your drinks, a towel, and other essentials. 

9. A Waterproof Jacket 

The main reason to bring a waterproof jacket is that it will keep you dry in case of any rain. It can also protect you from sand, mud, and other outdoor debris that might be found on the grounds of the festival. 

10. Denim and Fringe 

If you’re looking for a classic bohemian or hippie vibe, fringe is a great way to go. It’s a timeless option that works well with any outfit and will add some extra flair to your look.