How to Book Music Festivals 

If you’re an aspiring musician looking for booking opportunities, here are some tips for finding your first gig: Get noticed by festival promoters; Create a killer live show; Network with local promoters, and apply for smaller festivals. But you need to do more than this to book your first gig. If you’d like to get booked by a major label, consider these tips. You might be surprised to learn how many festivals are looking for musicians just like you. 


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Getting noticed by festival promoters 

The first step in getting your name in front of festival promoters is to prepare a press kit. Include a biography of yourself, a video of you performing or your band, and a high-quality recording of your music. When submitting your press kit to festivals, avoid spamming or making too many requests. Festival promoters do not want to waste time on someone who is not interested in your music. 

Having a killer live show 

Performing a killer live show can help you book a music festival. Having an enviable live show is something festival promoters are always interested in, so a killer live show is essential. If you’re an electronic artist, consider paring down your setup to a more compact drum kit. The logistics involved with booking a music festival are insanely complex. However, with proper communication, you can land your dream festival. 

Networking with local promoters 

If you’d like to get gigs at local music festivals, you can use networking to your advantage. Many music festivals hire a select number of bands each year, and you can get the word out about your brand by interacting with other performers during the event. It’s also helpful to follow local festival promoters on social media, such as LinkedIn, to keep up with current opportunities in the music industry. 

Applying to smaller festivals 

When applying to smaller music festivals, your goal is to stand out from the competition. Many factors go into choosing the right festival for your style and genre. The following tips will help you select the right one for you. First of all, research each festival’s history and values. Then, target artists who are similar to yours. If you are accepted to multiple festivals, you may end up performing at the same one again.