How to Be Safe at a Music Festival 

As you prepare for your trip to the music festival, you should keep several things in mind: Plan your day, avoid drinking, synthetic drugs, and dehydration. This will ensure that you are as safe as possible. Listed below are some other things that you should avoid: 

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Plan your day 

The best way to plan your day at a music festival to be as safe as possible is to know what to expect ahead of time. Music festivals are often held on fairgrounds or woodlands where winds can be strong and dust can accumulate. Breathing in dust causes your body to produce extra mucus, making your escape route less obvious. Know where the exits are and where people tend to congregate in case of emergency. 

Avoid drinking alcohol 

While it may seem difficult to stay sober at a music festival, it is not impossible. Alcohol consumption is a risky activity, especially at festivals where alcohol is permitted but not necessarily available. Alcohol intoxication is linked to violence, injuries, and sexual risk-taking. According to one study, 82% of festival attendees reported that they consumed alcohol. The BAC level of these festival-goers was 0.08% on average, and a third were above this level. 

Avoid synthetic drugs 

There is a good reason to avoid synthetic drugs at a music festival. While synthetic cannabinoids are sometimes marketed as marijuana, they are more like stimulants. Many people experience harmful side effects after using them. Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist, and emergency medicine physician explains why. Using these drugs can result in death. Those who do decide to take synthetic cannabinoids, know the signs. 

Avoid dehydration 

Prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water. The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking water every half hour to two hours and increasing it gradually. At a music festival, drink plenty of water, especially if you plan to take alcoholic drinks. The dehydration-related issues are often caused by the lack of water and heat, so it is crucial to stay hydrated. It is not fun to wake up feeling hungover in a 95-degree tent. However, many festivals have cooling zones where you can get some water. 

Chat up strangers 

When you’re at a music festival, it can be tempting to start a conversation with a stranger. However, you’re better off not assuming anything. Rather, ask questions about the music they’re listening to or the bands they’re watching. Although fake enthusiasm will not get you far, it will help if the other person is genuine. If the other person is uncomfortable, it’s better to leave the situation and report it to the bouncers or security.