How Tall Are the Men in Jamestown Revival? 

Jamestown Revival is an American folk rock band. Formed in 2002, they are one of the most popular acts in the country. Their debut album was ‘Utah,’ and they have released four studio albums since. The latest one, ‘Young Man,’ was recorded in a proper studio. The band is also currently working on a musical theater project. 

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Jamestown Revival’s debut album ‘Utah’ 

Jamestown Revival’s debut album is a solid collection of songs with a wide variety of influences. Its songs have elements of Texas roots rock and Los Angeles country, and the band can lull the listener with “Medicine” or pound the listener with “Headhunters.” The band is a perfect combination of Texas and L.A., and their debut LP is an excellent introduction to the genre. 

The band’s first album, Utah, was released in 2014 and features songs written by Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Both men have roots in Texas, and Chance grew up listening to Texas troubadours. The duo’s songs are honest and personal, and their sound has been praised by music critics. 

Their fourth studio album ‘Young Man’ 

The songs in The Jamestown Revival share the common theme of aging but are very different from one another. The title track flies high with the proverbial supplication of a young man, while “Old Man Looking Back” is a somber, stripped-down string piece. 

Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance are the two main singers in the folk duo Jamestown Revival. Although they are not related, both men sound like siblings, singing with tight harmonies that have earned them a following in the music industry. The two men have also managed to keep the band in the family, and have stayed in control of their sound since their 2014 debut, Utah. 

Their first album recorded in a proper studio 

The Men in Jamestown Revival have reunited on their fourth studio album, The Education of a Wandering Man, which was recorded at a proper studio in Fort Worth, Texas. The band has worked with producers Josh Block and Zachary Williams on previous projects, including Leon Bridges’ Dirty Camaro. The band’s new record embraces their Texas roots. The band will be on tour this week in support of the album. 

The Men in Jamestown Revival’s first album recorded in a proper recording studio features no electric guitars and instead focuses on songwriting, fingerpicking, and harmony. Unlike their previous releases, Young Man was produced by Robert Ellis, a fellow Texan. The album explores themes of growing up and settling into identity while sounding like a true Americana band. 

Their first musical theater project 

Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay, the men who play Jamestown, met when they were 15 years old and were attending the same college. They soon began their first musical theater project together, and the show was a hit. Since then, the two have become close friends and have been performing together for years. 

Since their debut, the band has released three studio albums and two EPs. Their most recent album, “Young Man,” was released in January. They are currently touring the U.S., performing at some of the most renowned music festivals. 

Their mustache 

Nashville duo Jamestown Revival is making a name for themselves with their acoustic folk sound. Recently, they performed on the popular talk show, Conan. Their music blends Southern country and Americana rock to create a unique sound. Their latest album, Utah, was released in February. They are currently on tour. 

The band is not only making a record with a great album, but they’re also taking a tour. In the Spring of 2022, the band will play two shows in Richmond, Virginia: The Broadberry and the 9:30 Club. Both venues will feature Jamestown Revival.