Margo Price – Interesting Facts About the 33-Year-Old Country Singer 

Margo Price is an American country singer. She is 33 years old. She has two tattoos and a rat-infested house. Here are some of her most interesting facts. She met Ivey when they were in college and worked on music together. After graduating from college, they tried to break into Nashville’s challenging country music scene. In 2010, they had twins. Unfortunately, one of their twins, Ezra, had a rare heart condition and died shortly after birth. During this time, Price had a DUI and spent weekends in jail. She sought therapy and after rehab, the songs started pouring out. 

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Margo Price is an American country singer 

Margo Price is an American country singer who is from Nashville, Tennessee. She has played on Saturday Night Live and once had Sturgill Simpson play in her band. As a woman, Price has received more opportunities than her male counterparts. Price has performed on many late night TV shows and earned a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2019. 

She has two tattoos 

Margo Price has two tattoos on her body, and they are both beautiful. Her left thigh is tattooed with a giant buffalo skull and her right thigh is tattooed with a minimalist image of an eagle. She also has tattoos on her arms and wrists, including a fairy-tale tree with three birds on her left shoulder and a saying near her right elbow. 

She has a rat-infested house 

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She is passionate about gender equality 

Country singer Margo Price has fought for gender equality in the music industry. Her song, “Pay Gap,” pokes fun at the gender pay gap and demonstrates her passion for the issue. Price has also worked with NOISEFORNOW, an organization that connects artists with grassroots reproductive justice organizations. 

She has a Kinks-inspired tattoo 

The legendary rock singer has a tattoo of her sons on her arm. Margo gave birth to her twin sons in 2010 and lost one shortly after birth to a heart condition. She also has other tattoos dedicated to her sons, including an arrow on her right hand. The arrow represents her life’s direction. 

She has a Weakness EP 

Margo Price is just twenty-two years old, but she has had quite a few lives. In fact, she once pawned her wedding ring in order to record her album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. This album caught the attention of singer-songwriter Jack White and led to the singer’s appearance on “SNL” and GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist. Her life has also been filled with hardships, including the death of her infant son and being involved in a drunk driving accident. 

She has a Secret Handshake 

Before Margo Price became a country music star, she was a cheerleader at Northern Illinois University. But she fell in love with the country music scene and quit school after taking mushrooms during a freshman year. The next year, she moved to Nashville to pursue her musical career. She formed a duo with Jeremy Ivey called Secret Handshake, but the duo disbanded after a year. In September of that same year, Price signed with Jack White’s Third Man Records label. The two musicians met each other while performing in a band. 

Her debut album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter 

Margo Price’s debut album, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, was released on April 15. The lyrical content is very personal. It’s almost like a memoir of her life, which includes the deaths of her twin sons in infancy. She also struggled with depression and alcoholism. She sings in a sharp, slightly nasal tone. 

Her second album All American Made 

On October 20, 2017, Margo Price released her second album, All American Made, on Third Man Records. It debuted at number 89 on the Billboard 200. The album features 14 songs that focus on the American dream.