How Much Money is Made at the Festival of Cavemen? 

In the film, the Cavemen sing their song Osondu. This is one of the most popular scenes in the movie. Tacky Dare, a member of the Teen Angels, also appears as a character. She is a satirical character, but makes a lot of money at the festival. 

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Osondu is a song by the Cavemen 

Osondu is a soulful song by the Nigerian Afro-highlife band The Cavemen. It is the band’s debut single, and it is sung in the Igbo language, the most common highlife language in Nigeria. Kingsley and Benjamin James were inspired to write this song after a dream. The band’s debut single marked the band’s rise to fame. They have since released a debut album, Roots, which won the 2020 Headies award for Best Alternative Album. 

The group’s members include Kingsley Okorie on lead vocals and Benjamin James on bass and drums. Kingsley is a lawyer by training, but he began making beats and programming them soon after. He has also played bass on the albums of Odunsi, Bez, and Femi Leye. The band also recently met Lady Donli at the Tamari Festival in Abuja. They are currently recording the sixth song for their third album. They have also refused to release an EP. Although they are a niche band, The Cavemen are building something big. 

Tacky Dare is a member of the Teen Angels 

Taffy Dare is a member of the Teens Angels and a friend of Captain Caveman. She has a Southern accent and a childlike persona but is a capable seductress. She wears a green dress and is the second-in-command of the Teen Angels. 

Taffy has a middle-class position among the Teen Angels, and is the Captain Caveman’s favorite. She usually uses baby-talking and kissing to help Cavey save the day. Her sexuality is implied when she saves Cavey from a giant pterodactyl. 

In this series, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels take on a variety of missions. The team is called upon to investigate a series of crimes, including the theft of an ancient Aztec calendar, a stolen fur shipment, a bank robbery, a thief’s ring, a horse stolen from a wildlife park, and the first appearance of a special robot. 

Taffy Dare is a satirical character in the movie 

Taffy Dare is a mascot of Captain Caveman’s team of Teen Angels. She is a blonde with a Southern accent and a childlike persona. Although a member of the team, she is capable and seductive and has the potential to attract the attention of Caveman. She wears a green dress with matching shoes. In the film, Taffy is the second-in-command of the Teen Angels. 

Taffy Dare’s sense of humor is based on a combination of her ironic sense of humor and her tendency to exaggerate events and people. She also has a penchant for water imagery. Her wit makes her a satirical character.