How Much Money Do Music Festivals Take? 

Music festival organizers are often tasked with figuring out how much money their headliners will take home. They may be surprised to learn that Beyonce will make up to $1 million in insurance and that Lady Gaga is likely to take home $3 to $4 million for her two weekend sets. It’s difficult to say exactly how much money headliners can expect to earn at music festivals, since performers don’t like to talk about their bankrolls. Still, it’s important to note that Coachella’s headliners regularly make three to four million for two weekends. Outkast and LCD Soundsystem both charge anywhere from $1 to $4 million for their Coachella performances.


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Cost of equipment 

The cost of equipment at music festivals can vary widely. Small to medium-sized stages can cost between PS700 and PS3000, while massive stages can reach upwards of PS20,000. A single-day festival can require as little as PS300 for stage setup and sound equipment. Organizers of music festivals will often spend more money on the equipment as they sort it all out and transport it to the venue. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you cut costs on equipment at music festivals. 

Cost of venue 

A successful music festival can run to millions of dollars, depending on the artist lineup and production costs. The Coachella festival, for example, cost $114.6 million to produce in 2015, and a single headline act could make between $3-4 million. To put on a music festival of this size, you must have an idea and a venue to get started. This will not only benefit you, but the community as a whole. 

Cost of sound system 

If you’re planning on putting on a music festival, you might be wondering how much it costs to hire a sound system. The cost of a sound system can be quite high, but it can also be a worthwhile investment. Several factors are considered in determining the price of a sound system, and we’ve outlined the most important ones in this article. Providing a sound system for a festival is an important component of a successful live event. 

Cost of security 

The cost of security at music festivals is often staggering. The manpower involved in keeping the crowd safe is often the biggest cost, and the demand for well-trained police and veterans is skyrocketing due to recent publicized shootings. The competition for security services has also risen, resulting in higher fees. Increasingly, promoters are staffing shows with larger security teams in order to meet the increased expectations of the public. 

Cost of food 

The cost of food and drink at a music festival can vary widely, but there are some guidelines to follow. Generally, a beer and wine ticket will cost from $6 to $10, with stadium food and drink prices topping $14. Buying food in advance, and ordering a meal ahead of time, will ensure that you avoid spending more money on drinks or food than you can afford. Also, if you’re attending an electronic music festival, you should estimate the total amount of food and drinks you’ll need for a large crowd. 

Cost of lodging 

Depending on the number of people attending, the cost of lodging at music festivals can be quite expensive. For example, you can spend up to $1,000 for a hotel package at the Coachella music festival. There are also cheaper ways to stay at the festival, like camping out or Airbnb. To get the most out of your money, make your reservation early. If you’re a first-timer, try to get a room with a shared kitchen and living space. 

Cost of incidentals 

A common mistake many people make is underestimating the cost of incidentals. While you’ll want to overestimate your budget and take it with you to the festival, unexpected expenses can quickly derail your plans. Many people opt to carry cash to festivals, which makes it easier to stick to your budget and make sure you don’t overspend. However, you should be wary of thieves at these events. While they are notorious for being untrustworthy, there are ways to avoid getting ripped off. 

Cost of marketing 

If you’re running a music festival, the cost of marketing your event is a significant expense. Hiring popular artists to play at your event will make it more successful and profitable, but they also cost a lot of money. Hiring up-and-coming artists is a great way to increase your festival’s profits while keeping costs low. But how do you find these artists? Luckily, there are several ways to find them. 

Cost of promotional materials 

Promoting your music festival is vital to attracting a large number of attendees. While it can be expensive, it is worth it in the long run. You may want to consider the following tips to keep your costs to a minimum. First, understand your target audience. If you are targeting younger crowds, then you will want to select artists that resonate with them. For older crowds, however, you should choose bands that complement each other well. You may also want to consider creating contests for ticket sales to attract a younger crowd.