How Much Money Do Music Festivals Make? 

If you’re curious about how much money music festivals make, this article is for you. We’ll discuss how Coachella, for example, makes $114.6 million a year, and Burning Man pays out more than $9.5 million to its roster of artists and DJs. Similarly, VerseCity pays out more than $100,000 for each gig. And we’ll go over how VerseCity’s payroll costs roughly $1 million. 

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Coachella grossed $114.6 million in 2017 

Founded in 1992, Coachella has become the largest music festival in the world. Last year’s event brought in $114.6 million in revenue. It was so popular that it even led to the creation of two additional music festivals on the same site: Desert Trip (a classic rock festival held in 2016) and Stagecoach (an annual country music festival held in 2007). In addition, the 2017 Coachella event was one of the largest in the festival’s history. 

Burning Man spends $9.5 million on payroll 

The nonprofit group behind the annual Burning Man festival has spent over $9.5 million on the payroll in the past two years. While the organization is known for its free spirit, its financial security is still a concern. Its rainy day fund grew to more than $10 million in the last two years and it’s still not clear when the event will take place again in 2019. However, in fiscal 2018, the group paid over 100 full-time employees to ensure that the event would continue to be a success. Those employees’ salaries and benefits are paid out to a group of people who work for the organization in Reno and San Francisco. 

Coachella pays artists a fixed number of DJs 

While there are many ways to generate revenue from a music festival, the most important question for organizers is how much money do music festivals make? Many factors go into the success of a music festival, including the size and location of the festival, the number of artists performing, and the cost of a venue. There is also the question of how much money music festivals make from ticket sales, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. 

CMA Music Festival performers perform, attend panels and meet fans for free 

There are many ways to experience the music and fun of the CMA Music Festival, including the Ultimate Fan Experiences Drawing and the chance to meet your favorite artists. For example, there are three free meet-and-greet sessions with a select number of artists. And while tickets for these sessions are not required, fans are encouraged to join line formations to have the chance to meet their favorite artists.