How Much Does it Cost to Go Camping? 

Generally, camping costs are not a lot more than a good night’s sleep and a good meal. The cost of your trip depends on the type of campsite you choose. For example, tent sites are more expensive than campsites with showers and electric hookups. In addition, you will need to purchase food and drinks. 

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A first-time camper is going to spend around $10 to $40 per person. However, you can’t go wrong if you stick to the simplest food options, like burgers and hot dogs. You’ll also want to buy water and bottled beverages. Depending on your plans, your expenses may even increase. 

If you are a frequent camper, you may want to consider an annual park pass. This will grant you access to thousands of federal recreation areas. These passes can cost as little as $30 or as much as $80 but will save you from paying for entrance fees each time you visit a new national park. 

In the spirit of a budget-conscious summer, you may want to consider staying at a campground near your home. Many public campgrounds are located in areas with popular tourist attractions and are often affordable. These campgrounds are great for families and RVers alike. 

Another way to cut costs is by renting camping gear instead of purchasing it. You can usually find lightly used gear at REI and other stores for a fraction of the price. A rental may be the way to go if you only need certain items for a short period. Alternatively, you can purchase lightly used camping gear from a dealer. This is a great option if you are planning a multi-day trip and don’t plan to do much cooking. 

The most affordable campsites are found in state parks. These parks vary in price based on the location and time of year. Some state parks offer free camping, while others charge a small fee. Typical rates are between $5 and $35 but may go as high as $50 in the busiest months of the year. 

The biggest and most expensive camping item is the tent. A typical tent will cost anywhere from $15 to $45, and a bigger tent can cost as much as $180. In addition, you’ll need a cooler, which can cost up to $50 for a small cooler or a large one. 

Some of the best camping spots are in the woods, where you can pitch your tent for free. You’ll also be able to access a fire ring and restrooms at these sites. During the colder seasons, some campgrounds close, so you’ll need to plan to find an open site. 

A basic first aid kit is a must, and it’s usually in the $10 to $40 range. You might also want to get a rain poncho. The average rain poncho can add up to $40 to $80 for a family of four. 

The cost of a trip will vary depending on the size of your family, the location of the trip, and the type of campsite you choose. In general, the cheapest campsites are found in National Parks. In the winter, you’ll likely spend between $60 and $90, while during the summer you can expect to pay more than $200 for a night’s stay at a private campground.