How Much Are Music Festival Tickets?

How much do music festival tickets cost? While ticket prices are always variable, the majority of the additional cost comes from travel to the venue. After all, most people don’t fly or have RVs to spend weeks on the road. Tickets also vary, with some festivals having headliners who perform at several different festivals. Below are some tips for finding cheap music festival tickets. Listed below are the average ticket prices for three popular music festivals: Coachella, Austin City Limits, and Bottlerock.

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Cost of Coachella VIP package

While Coachella tickets are the most expensive part of the weekend, they’re not the only expense that commands your budget. Lodging, transportation, and even dining are major expenses as well. Colin Heinrich, the founder of travel blog Elsewhere Man, estimates that the cost of a “cheap” ticket to the festival can be as little as $593. For a more deluxe package, the price can rise as high as $2,595!

The price of a VIP package varies depending on whether you want to experience the festival from the first weekend or wait until the second. Weekend 1 offers more excitement and celebrities, and some people prefer to see the first few performances of the weekend. But if you’re going to be there both weekends, you should purchase a VIP package. The price will depend on which day you want to attend the music festival, and which band you’d like to see.

Cost of Bottlerock

The cost of BottleRock music festival tickets varies by how many days you wish to attend the music festival and the type of ticket you purchase. Single-day tickets are generally cheaper than three-day passes. Standard three-day general admission tickets start at $430, while VIP tickets start at $1,582. Single-day passes cost $201 or $249. For more information, visit the BottleRock website. Here, you’ll find information on the festival’s VIP packages, including prices, benefits, and more.

TicketIQ offers Fee-Free Bottlerock Napa tickets, which come with a 15-day refund guarantee. Single-day tickets cost $232. Three-day tickets cost $899. The three-day pass includes camping and lodging in Napa, CA. Bottlerock Napa tickets can cost up to $4,995.

Cost of Austin City Limits festival

The cost of Austin City Limits Festival tickets is expected to vary from year to year. Tickets for general admission are the cheapest, while GA Plus passes are the most expensive. The price difference is minimal, though, considering that both pass types provide access to all the bands on the lineup. Here are the dates and locations of this music festival. When you buy your tickets, you’ll save money on accommodation and food. Just remember to check the weather in advance!

The cost of Austin City Limits Festival tickets varies, but in general, tickets are around $135 for general admission and up to $2,100 for premium tickets. One-day general admission tickets can sell out in a matter of seconds, but you can still get a great deal by buying a wristband before the event. You’ll also need to budget for the fees associated with the tickets. If you’d rather not pay the full price, you can opt for the Ticket Club Premier membership.

Cost of Coachella general admission

If you are looking to spend the entire weekend at the festival, you can save money by buying a VIP pass. Upon purchase, this ticket grants you access to the VIP areas, day parking areas, venue VIP areas, and car camping areas. A VIP pass also includes a shuttle pass to and from the festival and access to all VIP areas and the venue. Tickets for the weekend cost $2,799 to $9,105, depending on the entry-level. For an extra fee, you can also purchase an “outstanding in the field” dinner at a resort for $210 per night. You can split the cost of a VIP Rose Garden meal with two friends or family members. Food and alcohol costs are not cheap, either. Egg sandwiches and corn dogs can be $14 and ice cream tacos are $11. Alcohol costs range from $7 to $10 per glass, including mimosas.

Tickets to the two-weekend festivals vary in price. For general admission, tickets start at $429 and go up to $544. If you are looking for VIP tickets, you can pay $993 for a weekend pass. General admission tickets cost $429, and VIP passes start at $999, including shuttle transportation. You can purchase tickets for any of the weekend events, but a VIP pass is highly recommended. While general admission tickets are reasonably priced, you will pay more if you plan on attending a couple of bands. For this price, you can save hundreds of dollars by paying six payments of $6 each.