How Much Are Music Festival Tickets? 

If you’re thinking about attending a music festival, it can be overwhelming knowing how much tickets cost. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the cost of your tickets down. In this article, we’ll discuss the average price of music festival tickets, VIP packages, and pre-sale tickets. Purchasing tickets ahead of time can help you avoid the financial stress associated with buying tickets at the last minute. You can also take advantage of payment plans, which are often offered by EDC and Ultra. 

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The average price of music festival tickets 

Ticket prices at music festivals vary greatly, from free to hundreds of dollars. The most expensive aspect of attending a music festival is usually getting to the location. Since most people do not have RVs or planes to fly to a festival, travel expenses are often the biggest part of the bill. There are also overlapping headliners at many of the festivals, making it difficult to know the exact price without doing your research. To get a ballpark figure, consider the average ticket price for the festival. 

Although the cost of a music festival ticket is not as expensive as a concert in a stadium, it is still expensive compared to a boomer act performing at an arena. Some festivals can run into hundreds of dollars, even if you have VIP access. Purchasing tickets in advance and purchasing them in advance will help you get a discount and avoid paying for tickets at the door. Regardless of whether you purchase a general admission ticket or VIP pass, be prepared to shell out a substantial amount of money. 

Cost of VIP packages 

The cost of VIP packages for music festival tickets is often overlooked consideration. These packages can be incredibly valuable and offer perks that are otherwise not available to regular ticket holders. VIP packages include access to exclusive lounges, bathrooms, and even complimentary drinks. Additionally, they can include parking. One way to generate excitement for these packages is to do giveaways on social media. Send exclusive discount codes to followers, or surprise them with a prize. By using social media to advertise and promote their music festival VIP packages, they can drive more awareness of their services. 

Although these packages are often marketed as a luxury, there are pros and cons to each. Some artists charge significantly more than others. Lady Gaga, for example, recently charged $6600 for a VIP meet and greet. This price included a swag bag, a backstage tour, and a reception. Other artists charge thousands of dollars for VIP packages, including Jojo Siwa. Those who can afford it can get the VIP experience with her, or even get her photo with her dancers. Other bands have charged anywhere from $600 to $7500 for VIP tickets. And the price of Lollapalooza cabanas has climbed to seventy-five thousand. It has been estimated that VIP packages generate between five and ten percent of festival revenue. This money helps promoters offset the financial risk associated with selling tickets, and hollows 

Cost of pre-sale tickets 

The cost of pre-sale music festival tickets can vary considerably, depending on the festival. For example, Bonnaroo 2022 tickets were on sale for $299. They cost $350 later, and that’s with taxes and fees. If you don’t want to pay all that money upfront, you can always go for a payment plan with Ultra or EDC. But even if you’re on a budget, pre-sale access can still be a great way to get the best price. 

If you don’t mind paying a little more, you can buy pre-sale tickets to Day in Day Out. Tier-1 tickets cost $250, while Tier-2 tickets cost $425. Tier-1 tickets come with 3-day general admission and Tier-2 tickets come with additional benefits, like VIP entrance and panoramic views. But if you’re not looking to spend that much money, go for a VIP ticket.