How Many People On Average Attended The Caveman Music Festival The Previous Year? 

Before you purchase your tickets to the 2019 Caveman Music Festival, it’s important to know how many people have attended the festival in the past. Here’s a quick breakdown of the stats. You can also find out the dates, costs, and locations. 

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Stats on how many people on average attended a caveman music festival the previous year are not easily available. A recent survey of the festival’s attendees revealed that a quarter had household incomes under $100,000. While the survey data is not 100 percent accurate, it is encouraging to see that middle-class attendees have been increasing in number. According to the survey, the average person spent more than $1,000 to attend the event. 


If you are looking for a great summer festival, consider attending the Caveman Music Festival. This annual gathering brings together some of the most notable names in the world of indie music. Dates of the festival vary from region to region, but they typically go on sale at least six to nine months in advance. Tickets for the festival start at $470, and you can choose between staying in a hotel or camping in the campground. 

The festival will feature live music for three days at the Monument Lake Resort in Colorado. You can also enjoy hiking, fishing, and more. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and it’s a great way to end the summer. 


If you’re planning on attending the Caveman Music Festival this year, you’ll want to know how much it costs. Tickets can run anywhere from $40 for floor seating to more than $1300 for the front row. You’ll also need to consider the type of seating you want. Floor seats are the cheapest option, while front-row and center stage seats are more expensive. 

While prices for individual tickets may vary, you can get a general idea of the costs by browsing the event schedule. If you want to skip the presale process, you can purchase tickets at the event itself. These tickets are typically available six to nine months in advance, and you don’t need a presale code to purchase them. 


The Caveman Music Festival is an upcoming three-day music festival that’s slated for Monument Lake Resort in Weston, CO. The festival will feature national and local acts from a wide variety of genres. From bluegrass to gospel to rock, you can expect to find a concert that you’ll love. This is an event that’s perfect for anyone looking to enjoy three days in the mountains with some of your favorite musicians. 

Caveman has become a hit in the music world since their inception in 2010. The band’s popularity has skyrocketed since then, and they frequently perform in big cities. Tickets to their concerts typically sell out. Fans can keep up with the latest news by following the group on Facebook or Twitter. 


In the year 2022, the first Caveman Music Festival is set to take place, and it is expected to draw up to 10,000 attendees. The festival will feature three days of Americana music. This genre is an amalgamation of American musical traditions that combine bluegrass, folk, gospel, and rock and roll. 

The festival is organized by Brett McGraw, Red Shahan, and Parker Morrow with the goal of showcasing the best in Americana music. The festival is held at the Monument Lake Resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The organizers have decades of experience in producing live music events.