Caveman Colorado Music Festival

If you’re planning to attend the Caveman Music Festival in Weston, Colorado, and are considering purchasing the Caveman Package, you may be wondering how many guests/show passes you can add per site. The answer is that you can add up to three additional guest/show passes per site, with a maximum of four people per site.

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The Caveman Package is a popular option for festival-goers who want to enjoy a full weekend of music and entertainment. In addition to providing access to all shows and festival grounds, the package also includes primitive campsites at Monument Lake Resort. These campsites offer a rustic camping experience with basic amenities such as restrooms and showers.

One of the benefits of the Caveman Package is that it allows you to bring additional guests to the festival. You can add up to three guest/show passes per site, which means you can bring up to three friends or family members with you to enjoy the music and camping experience.

It’s important to note that the maximum number of people per site is four. This means that if you purchase the Caveman Package and add three guest/show passes, you will have a total of four people on your campsite. This is to ensure that the campsites are not overcrowded and that everyone has enough space to enjoy their stay.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Caveman Package, it’s important to do so early. This package is popular and tends to sell out quickly. By purchasing your package early, you can ensure that you have a spot reserved and that you can bring along the number of guests that you want.

In addition to the Caveman Package, there are other ticket options available for the Caveman Music Festival. The 1-Day Cavemen Pass is available for each day of the festival and includes access to all shows, festival grounds, food and drink vendors, and onsite parking. You can also add single-night onsite primitive camping to any 1-Day pass.

The Caveman Pass is another option that provides access to all shows, festival grounds, food and drink vendors, and onsite parking. However, lodging is not included with this pass.

For those who want to enjoy a more luxurious experience, the VIP Pass and SUPER VIP Pass are available. The VIP Pass provides access to VIP areas for all shows, as well as VIP bathrooms, VIP bar access, and $50 in drink vouchers. The SUPER VIP Pass includes access to lodge rooms, cabins, or full and partial RV sites, as well as VIP access to all shows, private bars, private bathrooms, and shaded sitting areas.

Overall, the Caveman Package is a great option for festival-goers who want to enjoy a weekend of music and camping with friends or family. With the ability to add up to three guests/show passes per site, you can bring along the people you want and enjoy a fun and memorable weekend together. Just be sure to purchase your package early to secure your spot!