How Many Festivals Are Celebrated in the USA 

There are countless festivals and celebrations across the USA. The Kutztown festival, a statewide cultural celebration, and Coachella are just a few of them. Other popular celebrations include Mother’s Day and the Aloha Festivals. Whether you love music or art, you’ll surely find one that fits your tastes. And when you’re in the mood for a little adventure, a festival in the USA is just the ticket. 

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Kutztown festival is the biggest festival in America 

The annual Kutztown Festival, one of the largest in the nation, is held in the historic city of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The festival’s entertainment includes folk singing, fiddles, brass bands, and Pennsylvania Dutch dialect songs. For families, the event is especially appealing because children under 12 years of age can attend for free, provided they’re accompanied by an adult. It also includes folklife seminars and historical reenactments. During the 4th of July parade, the entire town comes together to celebrate the country’s heritage and culture. 

Coachella is a music festival 

While Coachella is best known for its music performances, this festival also features art installations and cuisine from around the world. In 2010, the festival’s organizers eliminated the single-day ticket and introduced a three-day festival pass. Although attendance did not drop, the festival set a new record of attracting over 75,000 people a day, a record that will likely be beaten again this year. 

Aloha Festivals is a statewide cultural festival 

The Aloha Festivals are a month-long multi-cultural festival held annually on the Hawaiian Islands. This non-profit event is organized by thousands of volunteers and features a variety of activities, including street performances, music shows, arts and craft exhibitions, and cultural displays. Visitors are encouraged to wear the Aloha Festivals ribbon to enjoy a discount at participating venues. 

Mother’s Day 

Children are the center of many celebrations. Mother’s Day honors the women who nurtured them and many Americans gather with their mothers for a picnic and gifts. Another holiday, Father’s Day, honors the father figure in a family by celebrating fatherhood. On July 4, children celebrate Independence Day, the date when the Constitution was signed by delegates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The children typically move out of the home when they are older, but their parents’ love and support are still very much appreciated. 

Armed Forces Day 

In 1950, President Harry S. Truman established Armed Forces Day, a national holiday that was supposed to replace the separate Army, Navy, and Air Force Days. Now, the day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May. The main objective of Armed Forces Day is to honor those who serve in the armed forces and to educate the civilian population about the various branches of the armed services. Today, many military bases celebrate Armed Forces Day with parades, motorcycle rallies, and air shows. 


Though most states celebrate Juneteenth, not all of them have made it a state holiday. President Bill Clinton, for instance, made the holiday a national one in 2000. In 2008, George W. Bush delivered a Message on Observance of Juneteenth. Juneteenth was not widely celebrated as a state holiday in the United States until Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia announced a paid day off for state employees in 2020. Other states have taken steps to make it a state holiday. 

Burning Man 

Some festivals are open to the public and include optional activities. In the United States, there are many festivals, including the infamous Burning Man. This unique arts and music festival, which is also the name of a temporary city in the Black Rock Desert, was originally started by a few friends burning a wooden effigy and has grown to include thousands of attendees. Participants are encouraged to express themselves through different forms of art and have a list of guiding principles.