How Many Calories Do You Burn at a Music Festival? 

Are you wondering how many calories you burn at a music festival? Thankfully, there’s a way to calculate this in advance. If you’re wondering how much you’ll burn at a music festival, Elite Daily has researched for you. It turns out that the average shuffler will burn 361 calories an hour, twerking will burn 390, and jumping up and down will burn over 600 calories an hour. If you’re wondering how much you’ll burn at a music festival, you can always bring your pedometer and report how many “miles” you’ll walk while you’re there. 


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Average calorie burn at a music festival 

It might surprise you to learn that attending a music festival can burn as many calories as running a 10k race. You may even burn more in just one day than you would in a year. According to a study by fitness tracker company Withings, attendees at three-day music festivals burn between four and eight thousand calories per day. While the exact amount of calories burnt depends on the type of music festival you go to, the consensus is that an average punter will burn around 400-700 calories per act. 

Activities that burn calories at a music festival 

Attending a music festival is an excellent way to get plenty of exercises. The activities at a music festival can be as strenuous as running 10ks. According to the Irish Examiner, attending a festival like Coachella, Bonnaroo, or SunFest can burn as many calories as a 10k race. Plus, these festivals are usually much larger than a typical day’s workout. 

Glastonbury tops the charts 

How many calories do you burn at Glastonbury? Festival goers have a lot to work off! According to one study, the average festival-goer burns approximately 3,400 calories a day and walks 5.1 miles per day. This is comparable to walking half a marathon! The key to staying healthy and active at a music festival is to limit alcohol and another caloric intake. However, there are also ways to increase your physical activity. 

HIIT cardio is the most efficient 

If you’re attending a music festival, you might want to find out which type of cardio is most effective for burning calories. HIIT cardio works the body’s anaerobic pathways, which produce energy without oxygen. This type of cardio is very effective because it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to burn calories and fat. You can do this type of exercise no matter your fitness level or physical condition. Beginners should be cautious and only aim to do one to three minutes of HIIT cardio at a time. 

Walking your dog is a great way to get into festival shape 

Walking your dog can get you in festival shape, and it’s the best exercise for dog owners, too. Most dogs are fond of brisk walks, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with them. However, you should avoid walking them on the hottest days of the year, as this can lead to dehydration and fainting. Instead, try to focus on walking your dog at least two to three times per week.