How Many Americans Have Been to a Music Festival? 

How many Americans have gone to music festivals Colorado? According to a survey, 2.6 million people attended the Newport Jazz Festival last year. The same study also showed that 32 million people attend Lollapalooza each year. While this number may seem low, consider that it is less than the population of California. Regardless of how you look at the numbers, you’ll see that these numbers are not that far off from reality. 

2.6 million 

According to recent statistics, 2.6 million Americans have attended a music festival in some way. This is a significant number, considering that music festivals are becoming increasingly popular among listeners. The vast majority of fan spending on music now is through streaming, which is nearly free and subscription-based. However, this does not diminish the importance of live music. According to a Deloitte survey, 57% of millennials prioritize travel over owning a home. 

Newport Jazz Festival 

A renowned musical tradition that draws audiences from all over the world, the Newport Jazz Festival has had some troubled years. The 1960 event was so overcrowded that the National Guard was called in to protect the public. After a series of disturbances, Wein and his company was ejected from the festival, and a different promoter was called in to put on an under-attended jazz weekend in Newport. The festival was reborn in 1962, with the help of a new promoter. 


The answer depends on the person, but the majority of Americans have been to the infamous music festival. The festival started in 1991 as a multi-city venue for the farewell tour of the band Jane’s Addiction. It was named after the archaic word for “extraordinarily impressive” and was designed to attract misfits of all stripes. The lineup included punks, goths, rap artists, and circus freaks. It was such a success that it was extended to 20 cities across the United States and Canada. In the 1992 tour, the festival featured punk and industrial music acts, and Ice-T. The festival was so popular, that it was repeated until the end of 1997. However, the event fizzled in the following year when Farrell’s band was no longer performing. 

Burning Man 

How many American adults have gone to Burning Man? The event is attracting a diverse crowd of people from college students to Silicon Valley billionaires. The recent survey of Burners revealed that nearly half of all attendees had household incomes below $100,000. While the survey data is unlikely to be 100 percent accurate, it does show a significant rise in the number of middle-class attendees. For instance, the average Burner spent more than $1,000 to attend the event. 

Warped Tour 

How many Americans have attended Warped Tour? Well, it’s higher than you might think. The lineup of boy bands at Warped Tour isn’t the only problem. It’s also geared toward a female audience, and you’ll likely see disheveled twenty-somethings in leather jackets and stretched-out white T-shirts, with fake mohawks and nature tattoos. So, let’s take a look at how many people have attended this legendary festival.