How Many Americans Have Been to a Caveman Music Festival This Year? 

Whether you’re a fan of the Sasquatch! Music Festival or the Caveman Music Festival, you’ll want to make sure you get your tickets in time for this year’s event. Ticket prices vary by city and region, and they usually sell out months before the event. However, you can still get tickets in advance if you have a presale code. 


(Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages. Click here:


Caveman Music Festival 

The Caveman Music Festival is scheduled to debut in 2022 and is an annual event that will feature Americana music from a variety of genres. The genre is a combination of American music styles and is heavily influenced by the deep cultural roots of the American South. Artists performing at the festival include the legendary Jim Lauderdale, Bob Dylan, and John Mayer. To learn more about the festival and how to purchase tickets, read the following. 

The Austin Symphony has become a staple of Austin’s live music scene. While the Austin Symphony is known for classical music, its audience is enthusiastic about pop tunes, including Beatles and Beethoven. The Austin Symphony is also embarking on a new commissioning program, with three premieres reaching the main stage this summer. And while the Caveman Music Festival is a staple in the Austin music scene, the Austin Symphony is less devoted to the music of the Southern Appalachian region. 

Nostalgia Music Festival 

Nostalgia is a balm for a tense, uncertain time. It’s why people flock to “Friends” reunions and play childhood video games. The entertainment industry seems to know this. In the last year alone, “Jackass,” “Sex and the City,” and “Frasier” have been renewed. These nostalgic shows can help a person forget about the problems of their youth and return to a time when things were more wholesome. 

The When We Were Young Festival has a poster that looks like it belongs in a high school yearbook. It feels like an expensive version of Warped Tour. The hashtag #whenwewereyoungfest has over 18 million views on TikTok, which has sparked some shady tweets from rival festivals. The festival’s marketing strategy may just be capitalist nostalgia bait, but the music is worth going to. 

Seven Peaks Music Festival 

A new music festival in Colorado is about to make its debut: Seven Peaks. The organizers of the massive Tortuga, Watershed, and Faster Horses festivals are behind the event, which is being held at the 277-acre Meadows venue in Buena Vista. The festival will feature world-class speakers, transformative music, and heart-opening yoga. This year, attendees can expect to see such acts as Old Crow Medicine Show, Bentley, Caitlyn Smith, Hot Country Knights, Willie Jones, and Tracy Lawrence. 

The location of the Seven Peaks Music Festival is easily accessible from the US-24 and US-285 highways. The festival is within driving distance of Buena Vista and Leadville, and is open all year round. The festival is located in the San Isabel National Forest, which makes it easy to reach, and the local COtrip website is a good source of information. If you’re driving, the I-70 route has been less congested in the past. 

Sasquatch! Music Festival 

The question is how many Americans have been to Sasquatch this year? The festival grew so much in popularity that it has become one of the largest music festivals in the country, and has grown so large that it has filled several campgrounds. Headliners like Mumford and Sons and Ween played to crowds of tens of thousands this year. However, the festival has struggled in recent years. The festival stumbled when it tried to copy Coachella by running it two weekends in a row. This gamble ended in failure and Sasquatch had smaller crowds than Coachella. Despite these struggles, the festival still managed to draw a good crowd this year, though they did not fill the hillside amphitheater. 

The music festival is held each Memorial Day weekend in the Gorge Amphitheatre and features indie rock, hip hop acts and alternative rock bands. The lineup is huge, with more than 100 bands confirmed to play this year. The festival is now in its 16th year and is one of the most popular music festivals in the Northwest. Some of the artists playing this year include Modest Mouse, The National, and Tyler, The Creator. Other artists on the lineup include Tash Sultana, Ratatat, and Robyn.