How Loud Is a Music Festival? 

Some festivals are notoriously loud, and some aren’t. In this article, we’ll explore the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Montreal, the Project GLOW Festival in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, and the complaints that were made about Kiss’ 136-decibel show in Telluride. You’ll also find out how loud you can expect to hear a rock concert at the Rolling Loud Music Festival. 

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Project GLOW Festival in Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

The question of how loud is Project GLOW in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, has been plaguing festivalgoers for years. Insomniac, the company behind the popular electronic music festival, is trying out two locations. The resulting lineup is expected to be announced soon. However, one thing is for sure: the music will be loud. The fast music of the festival will stick to the surface and not escape into the atmosphere, making the music exceptionally loud. While it’s possible to blame weather at the peak of its volume, the temperature inversion will not explain the volume of the music. 

Rolling Loud Music Festival in Montreal 

If you’re looking for a fun, hip-hop music festival in the Canadian capital, Rolling Loud might be the one for you. This hip-hop music festival will take place Sept. 9-11 at Ontario Place, and will feature performances from Future, Wizkid, Dave, Migos, Roddy Rich, Rae Sremmurd, and 17 women. The lineup includes a diverse mix of genres, including trap, rap, and hip-hop. 

Kiss’ 136 dB concert 

The hard rock band KISS has made headlines for their explosively loud concerts. The 136-decibel concert they played in 2009 was so loud that the authorities had to shut it down. Even worse, the concert was so loud that the ceiling plaster fell off. The volume of the show is not the only factor in loudness. The band’s performance is accompanied by a booming and ominous sound, and it isn’t just the music. 

Telluride music festival complaints 

A recent online discussion forum sparked a firestorm of Telluride music festival complaints. The debate over the volume of concerts at Telluride music festivals has spawned an online discussion forum called Sweet Rants. The site has more than 250 comments and divided commenters into two camps: the anti-noise crowd, which called the concerts a privacy invasion, and the mid-range group, which argued that the festivals were an integral part of Telluride’s character. 

Rolling Loud Music 

The Rolling Loud Music Festival is an international hip-hop music festival held across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Billboard and Complex call it the be-all and end-all of hip-hop festivals. However, there is much more to the festival than just a great line-up. It offers a truly unique experience, making it a must-see event for rap lovers and music lovers alike. Here’s a brief overview of the festival.