When is the Next Caveman Music Festival in Colorado? 

When will the next Caveman Music Festival take place in Colorado? The question is a very important one as the Colorado climate can make it difficult to hold this type of event every year. There are several factors to consider such as the budget, the artists’ schedules, and the BRCC Fund. We’ll try to address all of these factors in this article. Hopefully, this article will help you to make an informed decision about the future of this festival.

Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun soaked days of summer. Click here for more: Denver Music Festivals 2023)



The first Caveman Music Festival is scheduled for 2022 and is expected to draw upwards of 10,000 music fans. The festival will showcase three days of Americana Music. Americana Music is a fusion of popular American music styles, formed by a convergence of shared American traditions. Its music is often characterized by its folk, gospel, blues, and rock and roll roots. This Colorado festival will feature both bluegrass and more traditional forms of American music. 

The event will be held at the historic Monument Lake Resort in Monument, CO, for three days of live music. While the concert lineup may be limited, festival goers will have a chance to enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping activities. The festival also features local and national acts, surrounded by picturesque scenery. The festival will feature a mix of popular and emerging artists, including newcomers as well as longtime favorites. 

BRCC Fund 

This mountain town has a vibrant music scene. The Stonewall View Guesthouse, a restored Victorian home at the base of the Dakota Stonewall Formation, is a popular place to stay for the festival. Nearby, the Middle Fork Resort offers many cabin rental sites and RV parking. The festival itself takes place at Monument Lake Resort. In 2022, Grace Potter and Zach Bryan will headline. For more information, check out the Caveman Music Festival website. 

The first Caveman Music Festival is expected to debut in 2022. It is expected to attract up to 10,000 people and will feature a three-day Americana Music festival. Americana Music is an amalgamation of American traditions and is often characterized by folk, gospel, blues, rock and roll, and country. This year’s Caveman will feature bluegrass, a genre that originated in the Southern United States. 


You can purchase tickets to the Caveman Music Festival from a variety of sources. Ticket prices for this festival vary from market to market, depending on supply and demand. Ticket prices for smaller venues tend to be higher than those for larger venues. Tickets for Alternative Festival acts like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Green Day tend to be more expensive. For this reason, you may want to check out the caveman.com website for updates. 

If you’d like to attend the festival, you’ll want to find lodging in the area. The campgrounds at Monument Lake Resort are close to the festival site. You can also enjoy historic structures and wildlife while enjoying the concert. If you’re in the area, make sure to check out the Caveman Music Festival website, where you can find a map of the festival’s venues. For more information, visit the festival’s official website.