How Long Does the Caveman Music Festival Last? 

How long does the Caveman Music Festival last? The festival takes place over three days in July and includes an opening night concert. The tickets cost $470 per person and do not include lodging, but you can get shuttle passes to and from the venue. If you do not wish to camp, you can stay in one of the nearby hotels. The next year, Dierks Bentley is slated to headline the Seven Peaks Music Festival, which takes place 45 miles south of Buena Vista. 

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Caveman – Never Going Back 

Caveman have announced a 24-date North American tour, which will include a number of new tracks from their upcoming album Otero War. The band released their first single, “Never Going Back,” last week to much praise. The band will release their debut album on Cinematic Music Group on July 12. 

‘Shut You Down’ features guitar skills from Rogue Wave drummer Dan. The band also performed an instrumental song called ‘Vampirer,’ which had a cool crescendo of guitar parts. Another standout song from the lineup was ‘Old Friend.’ This song was reminiscent of the band’s previous album CoCo Beware. The festival is billed as an all-ages music festival that takes place over three days. 

Caveman – Never Going Back tour 

Formed in 2010, Caveman has become one of New York’s resident cool kids of indie rock. Since their self-titled debut, the band has released two more records and shared the stage with Jeff Tweedy, Weezer, and The War on Drugs. Since then, they have garnered praise from the New York Times, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone. The band’s members include vocalist Matthew Iwanusa, guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti, and keyboardist Sam Hopkins. The band’s sound is more mature and focused on the world beyond indie rock than indie rock. 

The band is touring with Frightened Rabbit for a full-length album called Otero War. The band will be playing new tracks from their upcoming album, which will be released this summer via Cinematic Music Group. The band released the first single from the new album, “Never Going Back,” earlier this month. While Caveman is an established artist, his latest release has a more mature sound that has hints of a new generation of indie rock. 

Caveman – Never Going Back album 

If you’re looking for a great time in the outdoors, you should catch the Caveman – Never Going Back album at a caveman music festival. The band was formed in 2010 and has released 3 full-length records. The band toured with War on Drugs, Jeff Tweedy, and Weezer and played at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, and more. They received accolades from Pitchfork and have become a mainstay of NYC’s music scene. 

The band has been on tour the last three years, playing with Jeff Tweedy and Weezer, and their new album, “Otero War,” is due out June 17. The new album will feature the lead single, “Never Going Back.” The song starts out with sparse piano chords and a few faint drums, but it soon turns into a hard-driving rock anthem. In addition to “Never Going Back,” Caveman will also play the band’s classic hit, “Frightened Rabbit.” 

Caveman – Never Going Back tour dates 

Caveman has announced a new album, Otero War, due out this summer. The band is also touring in support of the new album, which will feature the track “Never Going Back.” The song features heavy beats and a bossgaze feel, and was directed by Steven Sebring, who directed the Patti Smith documentary Dream of Life. The video is a psychedelic collage that’s sure to please fans of all genres. 

The band formed in 2010 and has quickly become a highly-demanded DJ. They have shared stages with Jeff Tweedy of Weezer, and have received praise from Pitchfork. While they have already achieved success, Caveman have bigger plans for the future. Their new album, Never Going Back, is arguably their most ambitious. The band is a three-piece that includes guitarist James Carbonetti and keyboardist Sam Hopkins.