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To get your song on the Americana music charts, you must first submit it to the Americana Music Association. You will be required to submit all album tracks, as well as any singles you wish to have. However, there are some limitations. These limitations include time constraints, Recurrent policy, and sound quality. 

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Sound quality 

Sound quality is an important part of the Americana genre, so songs with high audio quality and an engaging story should be submitted. The music should be well-produced, with clean vocals and good instrumentation. It is also important that the song lyrics are original and not blatantly copied from other songs. Broadcast Quality is also important, so songs should be era appropriate. Submissions can be based on old masters or well-produced demos. In addition, the songs should have a hook, a groove, an infectious beat, and a lyrical flow that grabs the listener’s attention. Instrumentation should also be in line with the references, and vocals must be compelling. 

Time constraints on radio station managers 

Radio station managers have strict schedules and may only listen to the first thirty or forty-five seconds of a song. However, if a song wows them and appeals to the radio manager’s listening audience, it will be given more airplay. 

Recurrent policy 

There are two different policies for determining a song’s recurrent status. Nielsen and Mediabase use different rules. If a song is below the top 20 for 20 weeks, it moves to recurrent. When a song is below the top 20 for 20 weeks, it moves to the recurrent policy. 

To qualify for recurrent status, a single must be associated with an album. Singles on the Top 50 Americana Singles chart do not meet this requirement. If a single is recurrent, it will remain on the Top 50 singles chart. The Top 10 singles chart is exempt from this policy. 


The study investigated the cultural network of songs by analyzing the patterns formed between songs. It found that songs that were similar to their neighbors had a harder time moving up the charts. In contrast, songs with unique attributes had an easier time moving up the charts if they were not crowded with other songs with the same attributes. 

In order to determine which songs get the highest airplay positions, radio stations are required to fill out reports that document airplay. The Americana music charts use these reports to determine the status of individual songs. This is a labor-intensive and error-prone process that is subject to manipulation and error. As a result, the Americana music charts are in the process of recalibrating their charts.