End Summer With a Bang at the Caveman Music Festival! 

The Caveman Music Festival is an annual event held in Weston, Colorado. It is an Americana Music festival that features some of the most talented artists from the country. A three-day music extravaganza, the festival features a variety of performers including bluegrass, folk, rock, and Southern music. 

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caveman music festival

The Festival is held at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, CO. While the event is free to attend, you might want to consider paying a little for a pass that will allow you to access all the special events that are part of the weekend. In addition to the concerts, you can also enjoy a range of food and drink options at the resort. 

You can expect the Festival to feature some of the most famous musicians from the country. This year, the lineup includes Luke Langford, Will Thompson, and Chris Alvarado. Several local favorites will also be on hand, including Boukou Groove, and Mari Gleason. As far as the festival’s other features, there will also be food trucks, craft beer vendors, and an official after-party at the North Beach Social. 

Another summer music event that is worth checking out is the RIDE Festival. Featuring a diverse late-night live music schedule, this music festival is located close to a variety of outdoor activities and hot springs. With a wide range of entertainment options, this festival is a perfect fit for families and fans of all ages. 

Those in the Denver area might also want to check out Bohemian Nights, a three-day music festival in Fort Collins. The event is free to attend and features a lineup of great performances from national and international acts. 

However, if you are looking for a more immersive music experience, you may want to consider the Seven Peaks Music Festival. Taking place in the mountains of Colorado, this festival is organized by the creators of the Watershed and Tortuga festivals. Among its highlights are Transformative Music and Heart-Opening Yoga. 

Lastly, you may want to take a look at the Summer Concert Series at the Pines Resort. Previously known as the Jazz on the Lake, this event will feature several top-notch live bands, as well as a BBQ buffet and games and fun. Besides the usual fare, this event also features a few mind-expanding workshops. 

Other notable attractions include the JAS June Experience, a new festival in Colorado. This 3-day event will bring together a diverse roster of artists from around the world. Some of the most interesting performances will include a performance from Julian Otis and a trombone-led large ensemble. There will also be an art show and several other interesting activities for all ages. 

Overall, the Summer Haze Music Festival is a worthwhile event that is worth the price. If you are interested in attending, visit the website to learn more about the festival and to get an application. You can also read about some of the other music events that are available in the SoWal area.