Alternative Rock Music: Caveman, Ride For Revenge, Ride For Revenge, and More 

You may have heard of Caveman Bands. If you haven’t, you should know that he has released several albums. The first one was “OteroWar” in 2016, and his most recent album, “Smash,” was produced by Nico Chiltellis at Rivington 66. It’s set to be released on Fortune Tellers in July 2021.

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Future Cavemen 

The new single “Battle Scars” from Future Cavemen is a defiant alternative rock that owes its influence to a host of retro bands. The band draws inspiration from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, QOTSA and Dick Dale. The track is also part autobiographical. 

Future Caveman is a UK-based electronic band. The first single, “Flowers,” was recorded at Squarehead Studios in Kent, and was produced by singer-songwriter Joe Tennant. The song evokes a summery vibe and is very contagious. Although the band has been releasing music for only a short time, it already sounds like an established act. 

The band began releasing records in 2010, and they toured with Weezer, Jeff Tweedy, and the War on Drugs. They played Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits, and earned critical praise. In 2021, they became an indispensable part of the NYC music scene and an essential throughline for disparate artistic crowds. 

Ride for Revenge 

The band Ride for Revenge from Finland has recently released its new album Feed the Infamy. Its frontman speaks of religious rapture. This album features a strong focus on heavy bass and occult lyrics. The band’s sound is quite different from most black metal bands. 

While the band’s sound is very distinctive and evocative, Ride for Revenge suffers from some repetitive elements and a lengthy running time. The album’s best tracks are “Dedicated to Destruction” and “The Key of Knowledge,” but the album could have used a shorter run time.