At What Time Does Caveman Music Festival Start? 

For those who don’t know the answer to the question of at what time does Caveman Music Festival start, read on! The indie rock band’s founder EL Caveman began as a DJ in the late nineties and later founded PicaStone Recordings. He later went on to form the band, Caveman, which will play at the festival in 2022. For more information, you can read about the festival’s history and its upcoming lineup. 

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Caveman is an indie rock band 

Caveman is an American indie rock band based in Brooklyn. Formed in 2011, the band self-released its debut studio album 2011. It was later re-released by Fat Possum Records. The band has performed at several festivals, including SXSW 2013 and Sasquatch Festival. The band has also toured the UK and Europe. Their debut album is entitled “Two Cents,” and features songs about the life of a caveman. 

EL Caveman was a DJ in the late nineties 

The Chicago native EL Caveman is a household name for fans of electronic music. He has been an active part of the city’s music scene for over 20 years and has spun for some of the biggest producers and DJs of the day. You can catch him spinning at the next Chicago DJ competition on April 10! Find out why EL Caveman is a Chicago legend. 

EL Caveman founded PicaStone Recordings 

As the founder of PicaStone Recordings, EL Caveman has released a variety of tracks on various labels. He has a single EP on S & S Records, a label founded by Grammy award-winning Steve Silk Hurley. His music has been described as soulful, Latin, and Afro house. He has also performed at various Chicago parties and festivals. While his sound is not necessarily easy to describe, it is certainly recognizable. 

Caveman will perform at 2022’s Caveman Music Festival 

If you’re a fan of indie rock music, you’re going to want to know what time the Caveman Music Festival begins. As a Brooklyn-based band, Caveman has worked with French Kicks producer Nick Stumpf on their latest album, “The Great Divide.” The group’s lineup also includes Matt Iwanusa, Jimmy Carbonetti, Stefan Marolachakis, Sam Hopkins, and Jeff Berrell. Tickets for the festival start at $470 per person, and packages can include hotel accommodations and shuttle service. 

Tickets to Caveman Music Festival can be purchased on StubHub 

Caveman has been crafting indie rock hits since 2010. The indie rock group has recently expanded its audience into the mainstream, with sold-out shows in New York and other major cities. Tickets to see Caveman are available on StubHub right now. The caveman concert will sell out quickly, so purchase tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. To avoid disappointment, check out Caveman’s full set list and purchase tickets to Caveman’s next concert on StubHub. 

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EL Caveman’s new album is called “Smash” 

The title is a play on the word “smash,” referring to the band’s first album in five years. It is also the name of a song from the new album, which was written and produced by Nico Chiltellis. The new album is due for release on Fortune Tellers in July 2021. Caveman has released three full-length records to date. His latest is a tribute to the stone-cutting artists who have influenced his sound.