Approximately How Many Attended the Caveman Music Festival Last Year? 

The question of approximately how many people attended the Caveman Music Festival last year has been a perennial one. The festival is one of the largest concerts in the country and draws a lot of attention. Every year, the event attracts a lot of music lovers from around the world. While the exact attendance is unknown, many sources claim that the event was attended by about 20,000 people. 

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Approximately 20,000 attendees 

The Caveman Music Festival is an annual event in Monument, Colorado, held over Labor Day weekend. The festival’s goal is to showcase the best Americana musicians. The music festival is a three-day event and is expected to attract about 10,000 attendees. The festival will feature a wide variety of Americana music genres, including bluegrass, country, rock, gospel, and more. 

Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Music Festival 

After a two-year hiatus, Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peak’s Music Festival will be back on Labor Day Weekend in 2022 for its third year. The festival is held in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. According to a press release from Live Nation, Dierks will headline the festival’s final night. The festival also plans to add Breland and Hardy to the lineup. 

The festival is free and family-friendly, and it offers multiple activities outside of the concert grounds. There are hammocks and a beach, and even a pre-party at a lake. The venue is large enough to accommodate more than 13,000 people. It also caters to college football fans, with two game-viewing tents. 

The festival is held in the remote town of Villa Grove, which has a population of about 400. Although there is no town center, there is a public parking lot nearby and the town is accessible. Locals describe the area as “quaint.” There are many themes in Bentley’s music, including gratitude, being present and changing perspectives. Ticketholders can expect a full refund within 30 days. 

Dierks Bentley’s Caveman Music Festival 

In order to keep the festival free from COVID-19 concerns, Dierks Bentley is taking a two-year hiatus from the event. However, the show is expected to return in 2022 for its third year. The event will be held on Labor Day Weekend in San Luis Valley, Colorado. In a press release, Bentley and the festival’s producer, Live Nation, announced the news. Bentley will headline the closing night of the festival, and it’s likely that other country stars, like Breland and Hardy, will also be in the lineup. 

The festival is a three-day Americana music festival that has an expected ten thousand attendees. Tickets for the festival start at $470 and can be purchased up to nine months in advance. For more information about the festival and to purchase tickets, check out the festival’s website. You can also check out its news and pre-sale pages.